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Our Services

Phoenix Landscaping, LLC is committed to customer service, from the selection and installation of materials to aftercare and maintence, we are here for you

Custom Paver Compass


*Paver/Flagstone Patios and Walkways

*Paver Driveways

*Retaining/Seat Walls

*Drainage Management

*Plant Beds


Water Features

*Pondless Water Features*

*Basalt Columns and Bubbling Vases


*Water Falls


Steps Lighting 1.jpg


Professionally installed low voltage lighting can bring your backyard to life at night. Outdoor lighting can be both functional and beautiful; enhancing the appearance of your landscape design, creating safer entrances and walkways, and improving the security of your home.

Failed Natural Stone Wall
Restored Natural Ston Wall


Just like everything else, our landscapes require a little TLC from time to time. Adding mulch to freshen up plant beds, cleaning and sealing patios, and even replacing broken or failing aspects of the landscape can extend the lives of your investments and give them that 'brand new' feeling!

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